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March 12th Meeting this week and website updates.

Hi everyone,

Wanted to let you guys know that we will be having our March meeting this Thursday the 12th at our usual room 107 of the Trinity United Church of Christ at 3909 Blackburn Road Northwest in Canton, OH.

Our speaker this month will be Kim Carlson and she will be giving a presentation on Brader Drawings & the Slabaugh Family so we hope that you can join us there at 6:30 or 7 this Thursday night.

Also I would like to let people know that we have been doing some spring cleaning to the website this week.  We have fixed some links and added our photos back onto the website in the photo gallery section.  I would like to get more pictures up on the site of society meetings and other activities so if you have any pictures like that please email them to and make sure to let me know where and when they were taken and we will try to get them up on the website as soon as we can.

P.S. For those emailing photos please try to limit the amount of photos per email to 10 or less to ensure that the email doesn’t get too large to send.  If you have more than 10 you can send multiple emails to get them all.  Thanks.

Important OGS Website Update

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to give you an update on the website issues that we have been having the last couple of weeks I have manage to get the site back and working on the yahoo website. I have lost all of the posts for the year of 2013 but have managed to recreate most of the contact forms and I have updated the Programs page with July and August meeting information.  I will be working on getting the links back onto the website as soon as I can but it is at least in a usable state right now.


I thank you for your patience in this matter and I am sorry for the inconvenience this has caused to anyone.

Meeting Programs page updated and next month’s show and tell.

Hey everyone I hoped you had a happy new year.  Just wanted to let you know that I updated the meeting programs page with the new dates and meetings that I have so far.  One important note is that next month we will have a show and tell meeting so if you have a unique picture or artifact you would like to share please email me through our contact page or the email i have provided on the programs page.  I hope to see you all at the business meeting tonight.  Take care.

Recent Changes to the Website

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to share with you guys some of the recent changes that have been made to the website.

I have just updated the monthly meeting programs page to reflect the programs I have so far and also the fact that we will be visiting the new OGS library in July instead of our annual picnic and also that we will be having our annual banquet at the Massillon’s Woman’s Club this year.  I also renamed it simply monthly meeting programs page, if you want to take a look at the updated page you can click here.

You may notice now that we have a calendar on the left hand side of the website.  This is our new events calendar which at this time has all of our monthly meetings on it for this year.  If you click on the red date it will show you a pop-up with the date and time of the event along with a brief description of the event and a link to a latest news post about the event.  Please note that some of the post links will not work because I have not published them to the website yet.  Posts will now be published automatically to the site 7 days before the event or earlier if it is required.

Last I would like to announce that we have a First Families of Stark County page on the website now.  It has a brief description of the lineage society along with links to the application and rules and procedures documents you would need to submit your own genealogy to the society.  There is also a listing of the recipients into the society sorted by the year they were accepted.  If you would like to visit the page you can find it easily on the navigation bar of the site titled “First Families of Stark County”.

Anyways there are a couple of the changes so far so I hope you are all doing well and i hope to give you more news soon.

February Meeting this Thursday and Programs Page Updated

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to let everyone know that our meeting is this Thursday the 10th and that we will be having Geoff Elliot doing a program on Abraham Lincoln’s Inaugural Train Journey which started 150 years ago this Friday.  Geoff Elliot is a prolific researcher on Abraham Lincoln and even has his own website devoted to him at

Also as a note the Meeting Programs page has been updated with 2011 dates and information for this program is on there so if you want to you can visit that page be clicking here.  More programs will be added as they get arranged and notice will be given when they are posted.

Update:Online Membership Application is here!

Hi everyone,

Just wanted everyone to know that you can now pay your membership dues online using a credit card or paypal account.  Simply move your cursor over the membership tab in the navigation bar and two pages should drop down for you.  One is the new membership application and the other is the member renewal application.  Clicking on whichever applies to you will begin a two step process to membership.

The first step is to fill out the application form and submit it.  You will then be directed to a paypal form to fill out which once submitted will direct you to paypal’s site to finish and pay for the membership.   If you have any problems or need any help please contact me using the contact form on the site and make sure that website is in the subject.


I have changed the site a little and have put the links to the applications on the membership page. So now just click on the membership page and the links to the applications will be at the bottom of the page.

Meeting Programs page updated.

Hi everyone just wanted to let you know that the Meeting Programs page has been updated with all of the new programs that we have lined up including the May Scan party where you will be able to get some of your old photos scanned into the computer for the Society’s and your own collection.

Also if you need directions to the Records Center for April’s Meeting there is a link to the directions under that months program description.

March Meeting coming up on the 11th.

Hello again,

Just wanted to send out a reminder that the March OGS meeting will be not this Thursday but next Thursday the 11th. The program will be brought to you by Roger Marble who is a retired engineer from Bridgestone/Firestone company and is currently the Chair of the Information Technology Committee and Strategic Planning Committee for the Ohio Genealogical Society. His program will be on how to improve your genealogical research through the use of the internet and he has some obvious and some not so obvious ways to do that.  It is sure to be an enlightening night for all of us so please make sure you can come and attend.

I would also invite you to check out the meeting programs page at the website because we have been able to garner a couple of more programs for our meetings including a field trip for next month to the Stark County Records Center so please take a look at that page for the new updates.

Please remember that meetings are now held at Trinity United Church of Christ on 3909 Blackburn Road Northwest in Canton, Ohio. Please look at the website in our latest news section if you need directions to the church. Social time is at 6:30pm with the meeting starting at 7:00pm. Have a good day and we will see you there.

Meeting Location info updated and 2010 Meetings page up.

Hi everyone,

I hope that you are having a good winter, at least as good as it can be.  Wanted to let everyone know that I have updated the location information for our monthly meetings.  If you have not heard yet our monthly meetings will no longer be held at the Stark County District Library.   They will now be at our original time of 7:00 pm in Room 107 of the Trinity United Church of Christ at 3909 Blackburn Road Northwest in Canton, Ohio.

For those of you familiar with Canton this is the church at the five point intersection across the road from Johnny Appleseed.  The easiest way to get to it is to take I-77 and get off at the Fulton Road exit and turn right onto Fulton Road.  Follow this road until you come to a five point intersection and the church will be on the right with a school on the left.

I also want to note that the meeting programs page has been updated for 2010.  As of right now there is not much on there but I assure you this will be changing in the very near future.

Anyways just wanted to let you know about the changes to the site.  Until next time take care everyone.