Welcome to the new SCOGS website.

Hi everybody we have been making some changes around here that you might have noticed since you last visited the site. We have went to a WordPress blogging software to administer our site in order to be better able to enhance our site in the future and provide more content to guest and member alike. As you can see all of our old content is still here just in a easier to use format.

One big addition to the site is the ability to get email updates of our latest news posts page so that you can stay up to date with all the news in the society and on this site. We hope to have online payments for Membership and Publications up and going by the end of the year and then to have a members only section started next year.

So remember to click the "By Email" button in the upper right hand corner to get all the up to date information about the Chapter in your email. Also if you use Google feed reader or some other feed reading software you can click the RSS button to subscribe to all of our updates. Anyways our annual banquet is tonight so I will see most of you members there and to all you guests I hope to see you at one of our meetings very soon.


Timothy Houck, Webmaster

P.S. Almost forgot if you want to leave a comment about this post or the new email you can do it below just make sure to put a valid email address in and it will be sent to me for approval. I figured I would leave it like this so we don't have any rude comments. Thanks again.