Update:Online Membership Application is here!

Hi everyone,

Just wanted everyone to know that you can now pay your membership dues online using a credit card or paypal account.  Simply move your cursor over the membership tab in the navigation bar and two pages should drop down for you.  One is the new membership application and the other is the member renewal application.  Clicking on whichever applies to you will begin a two step process to membership.

The first step is to fill out the application form and submit it.  You will then be directed to a paypal form to fill out which once submitted will direct you to paypal’s site to finish and pay for the membership.   If you have any problems or need any help please contact me using the contact form on the site and make sure that website is in the subject.


I have changed the site a little and have put the links to the applications on the membership page. So now just click on the membership page and the links to the applications will be at the bottom of the page.