Global Search 2.0 is Here!

Introducing Global Search for Stark County OGS!

In the past, members had to search through each database separately in order to get results. In this version, members can search for a surname using just one form that will automatically search for matches among all the databases that the society has available online, and display the results on a single page. Online searching has been enabled for the following databases: Surname Search, 1875 Index, and Perrin index. As new databases are created and published online, they will be included in the global search.

Members may also search for other characteristics in their search to narrow down their results. Keep in mind that some of the attributes are only used in certain databases, which are noted on the search form. Currently used characteristics include:

  • Title (either full or abbreviated)
  • Maiden Name (either full or abbreviated)
  • Given Name (either full or abbreviated)
  • Town
  • Township


Some notes about the new search function:

  • Only the first 50 results are displayed in the results page. This limit will be lifted after the initial phase of testing.
  • Not all characteristics are used in each database. For example, “Title” is only used to limit results in the Perrin Index, and it not taken into consideration for the matching in the other two databases.
  • Partial surnames may be entered. For example, entering Bla would return Black, Blackman, Blankenship, and Blain.


If anyone has any questions about how the search works or has a suggestion, please send an e-mail to