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Under our Links page you will find several resources for researching genealogy online, such as the Genealogy Services and Resources department of the Stark County District Library.


Surname Search

When joining the chapter, members are given the opportunity to provide a list of surnames they are currently researching. To aid in the research of others, members may search for a certain surname to see if other chapter members are researching the same individual or family.


1875 Index

This index is not an original work but rather a copy of one done many years ago, long before computers.  The original atlas had some obvious misspellings, but they are transcribed here as they appeared.  There were times when it is the first letter that is incorrect.  There were also some indexing errors.  When a name was in question, it was double checked against the atlas and corrections made as needed, however some may have been missed. Therefore, you must be extremely flexible as to how you spell the name you are researching. Also, be aware that many smaller parcels of land were identified by the owner’s initials only. These do not appear in this index.  If you think your ancestor owned land in a specific township but don’t find them listed here, search the appropriate page of the atlas for a small plot identified with only initials.

For a link to a digitized version of the 1875 Atlas, click here.

Given Name, Surname, Township, Town

History of Stark County, with an Outline Sketch of Ohio (Perrin)

Dated August 1881 this historical work, edited by William Perrin, gives a detailed look about numerous aspects of Stark County, including information about topography, climate, biographical sketches and histories/timelines about the towns and townships located in the region.

The full, digitized version of the work may be found here.

Title, Given Name, Maiden Name, Surname